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        Wuxi Shi Ding Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Provide professional construction basket basket rental accessories, accessories, aerial gondola accessories Chinese  |  English
        Wuxi Shi Ding Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful "basket of the town, Wuxi, Jiangsu, located in Yang Jian Machinery Equipment Industrial Park. The east of Shanghai, Suzhou, south of Taihu, only two kilometers away from Wuxi East station. From the Shanghai Nanjing Expressway to Shanghai is only one hour, and convenient transportation, strong industrial base, transport and logistics development. My company formerly known as Wuxi Sanyang Machinery Co., Ltd., is a set of construction hanging basket machine production, electric basket accessories wholesale, retail as one of the limited company, providing professional spare parts for various electric basket, aerial basket accessories and basket leasing business. Production line lifting machine, a variety of security locks, all kinds of electric box. Company to "reputation first, quality service" for the purpose, the company has strong technical team, the basket production, maintenance, repair, and has a wealth of experience.
        Industry / dynamic
        Hoist speed uneven several ways

        Hoist speed uneven several ways An uneven, hoist speed - stand jam: the reason is feeding before the start, winnowing pan belt tension and sliding, insufficient or feed flow rate is in excess of transmission capacity (including back too muc……

        Question / core
        Enhance security measures machine

        There are material hoist gantry, Tic-Tac-frame, and some called (freight) elevator construction, machinery and equipment is a major construction site vertical transportation of materials. 1, material hoist used to carry materials, non-manne……

        CONTACT US

        Wuxi Shi Ding construction machinery limited company set production, the whole basket basket parts wholesale, retail as one of building basket accessories
        • Wuxi Shi Ding Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
        • Contact: Mr. Shaw 13951581789
        • Tel:0510-88731990
        • Mail:caryxiao@hotmail.com / sales@jsdiaolan.com
        • Mailbox:214000
        • Other:13301521628
        • Add:Yangjian Industrial Park,Wuxi,Jiangsu
        •            Hefei Office 15556462922
        • Website:www.pro-activemaintenance.com
        •                  shop1416847278906.1688.com
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